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New sleep study says CIO ok — valid science or nonsense?

September 10, 2012
infant sleep training study

In what is sure to be a controversial finding, Australian researchers published their findings on an infant sleep study in the journal Pediatrics, available online. The Huffington Post summarizes: Researchers tracked 225 children who were enrolled in the study when they were 7 months old and experiencing sleep problems, through age 6. Half underwent some […]

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Infant sleep: 3 tips for putting advice into action

March 22, 2012
peaceful sleeping baby

I’m struggling with sleep issues. My first was an easy baby who slept through the night at 8 weeks. We never had to help him sleep. My second is 10 months now and I’m ready to drop. He wakes 5 or 6 times a night and won’t nap unless I lie down with him. I […]

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Sleep, crying, and balancing closeness with boundaries

March 16, 2011
a rested baby makes a happy family

Imogen at Alternative Mama and I have been talking about sleep. She has two little ones and is seriously sleep deprived, but is having a hard time finding a solution. She’s not comfortable with CIO, and isn’t able to co-sleep for medical reasons. She asked for more details about how I managed to get more […]

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I read Babywise, and it wasn’t that bad

March 7, 2011
routines help babies sleep

The version I read is the latest 2006 edition, and I’m basing my assessment off that. Before you come at me with the pitchforks and torches and make me wear a giant “T” on my chest (for traitor), let me at least say that I wouldn’t recommend it as a parenting book. I wanted to […]

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How respect is getting me more sleep

January 8, 2011

When I woke up this morning, I laid in bed for a few minutes and enjoyed the quiet. If this sounds unusual for a woman with a toddler and a baby, it is. Very unusual. Especially in our house. Especially after 6AM. It was a treat, but it wasn’t because I took a vacation by […]

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Putting on the Tough-Pants to get my Toddler to Sleep

January 5, 2011

I’m in a bit of a parenting crisis. Not surprisingly, sleep is our current struggle. I’ve co-slept with both my children since they were born (and loved it!), but now I’m at a point where I’m exhausted and I’m not able to be the parent I need to be during the day. It makes me […]

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The Cry-It-Out Post

October 15, 2010

Last week a friend with a new baby asked me about Cry-It-Out (CIO). She said before she had a baby, she was adamantly against it, but was reconsidering. I’ve felt her pain, as I’m sure any new parents have. It’s easy before baby arrives to know what you want to do, but it’s a whole […]

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