Babywearing: The best carriers and how to use them

April 23, 2012
baby is safe and comfortable next to mama in a sling

Even mothers who don’t embrace attachment parenting and the concept of “babywearing” will find some type of hands-free baby carrier useful – whether it’s to go to the grocery store, hiking, or to give baby a better view of what parents are doing. I’m actually not a huge fan of the term “babywearing”, which can […]

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Sunday Surf 2/27

February 27, 2011

Covering up is a feminist issue: The video I loved the original article from PhD in Parenting, and now Annie made it into a video (with some help from her friends). It’s fantastic. Watch it!! Straight talk on epidurals A new book recently came out that sings the praises of epidurals. This article from Science […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Breastfeeding is Normal

December 15, 2010

I was very surprised to hear that most women who want to breastfeed have never seen a mother breastfeed her child. No wonder we have so many breastfeeding problems? Breastfeeding is an art — as natural as it is, it’s awfully difficult to learn from a textbook. Children need to see women breastfeeding, so they […]

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How to Breastfeed in Public Without Offending Anyone

December 7, 2010

You’re an exclusively breastfeeding mother who wants to get out of the house, and you need to breastfeed your child in public. You want to be able to do it without offending anyone. That should be possible, right? It isn’t. Some people think breastfeeding is beautiful and natural. And think it should be kept under […]

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OMG that baby is eating her breast!

November 30, 2010

Last night I came across another article blasting mothers for breastfeeding, uncovered, in public.[1] It invokes all the usual arguments: breastfeeding is natural, but so is defecating, and no one wants people to do that wherever they want; mothers should schedule feedings so baby doesn’t need to eat while you’re out, and if they do, […]

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