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is this protection or causing harm?

is this protection or causing harm?


A Time To Heal- A look at postpartum recovery

It’s been a while since I posted anything from one of my all-time favorite mothers & bloggers (and women in general), Jessica of The Leaky Boob. I love her honesty in her posts — she always reveals how she had to find her way while she shares what ultimately worked for her.

For Expecting Moms, Doctors Or Midwives?

This article from NPR is interesting because it doesn’t include midwives in the debate — only physicians and mothers. There’s a lot of great discussion, especially about trust, but I’m disappointed that it doesn’t turn to the importance of a woman’s choice and autonomy in her medical choices.

Ladies Hold On To Your Kiddie Pools!

I would be laughing if it weren’t so serious. The FDA is trying to seize birthing pools in Portland because they’re “unregistered medical equipment”, even though there’s no way to register them. Why the witch hunt against home births?

Breastfeeding & Formula

Man Milk: My curious quest to breast-feed.

This really has nothing to do with parenting, but I had to include it anyway. It starts off with the interesting fact that men are biologically capable of breastfeeding . . . which I suppose I knew from somewhere . . . and then goes into the (male) author’s quest to produce milk. I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Weird? A little. Disturbing? Some parts. Incredibly thought provoking? Absolutely.

What do Similac and OxyContin have in common?

I need to put out a reminder that I’m about feeding choices, but this is a pretty compelling article about the marketing of formula by a large pharmaceutical company, and the similarities of it’s marketing of OxyContin — which is now under investigation by federal authorities. Another well-researched and spot-on article from Just West of Crunchy.

Wordless Wednesday: Breastspresso

This week I’m all about Just West of Crunchy. I didn’t quite get how they could do a Wordless post about Nestle’s new “comprehensive infant nutrition system”, but this is truly an instance of a picture being worth a thousand words.

Ten Tips to Pumping Success

I pumped with my first son and hated it, and I applaud all the mamas out there who go the extra mile with a pump to extend their breastfeeding relationship through separations with their baby. This is a fantastic article from Natural Parents Network that gives great tips on how to make it work.

Child Development

The Lorax

This sweet story is a wonderful reminder of why patience and understanding is so key in our relationships — not just with children. We’ve bought into this concept that when other people act out, they’re trying to manipulate us, and we forget that there’s usually some kind of need behind it, that when acknowledged, will diffuse almost any difficult situation.

What To Say Instead of Praising

Love this from AhaParenting! It sounds a bit strange at first, but when you start thinking about the examples of what to offer children instead of “Good job”, it really becomes about connecting with your child and understanding them.

Nutrition & Food

The Truth About Antibiotics & Your Food

The title says it all.

High-Fructose Corn Syrup 101

And again. Has a list of alternatives to HFCS containing food.

Ecological Responsibility & Safety

Composting Dirty Diapers in Toronto

I’d never heard of this until one of my readers, Monica, brought it up on a facebook post. Thanks Monica! I’m going to get more information on this to do a post — it sounds like a wonderful alternative for those who don’t want to commit to cloth but don’t like the landfill side of disposables.

Your Sunscreen May Be Poisoning Your Kid

I stopped using sunscreen after it made me feel funny every time I put it one. Instead, we cover up from head-to-toe, wear big hats, and only go out in the early morning or late afternoon during the summer. If you feel you must use suncreen, please check the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database for safety first.

Photo credit: Graham and Sheila on Flickr




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