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shy or thoughtful?

shy or thoughtful?

Child Development

RIE Parenting – Good News (CBS Video)

The first few times I heard about RIE, it was with strange descriptions like “the parenting philosophy that says you can’t take your children to the grocery store” or “they advocate treating children like little adults”. It’s nice to see a mainstream story (in a large market, especially) that gets it (mostly) right.

Pushing Kids in Public and Private

The push to get children to learn faster & younger is nothing new, but every story I read about it makes me sad. And strangely, it triggers the competitiveness in me as well. As committed as I am to letting my children enjoy, explore, and develop at their own pace, there’s a part of me that worries that they’ll struggle compared to their peers. Not enough to put my toddlers through this, though . . .

Literacy Development: The Importance of Doodling

I love this! My oldest isn’t much of a doodler, but when he is it amazes me what he comes up with. I love that it’s part of the natural learning process, and it makes me excited to see how his abilities develop.

She’s Not Shy. She’s Thoughtful.

As someone who was labeled “shy” for most of my childhood, I can attest to how much I would have loved to have an adult stand up for me. Labels are always painful — because none of us can be reduced to a single adjective, even if it’s accurate for a particular moment in our life (and possibly many moments that others see). This is a wonderful reminder to lose the labels and advocate for our children.

NO Tummy Time Necessary

I had the great pleasure of meeting Lisa Sunbury this week. Seeing her in action was my first opportunity to watch RIE in real life, and it was an eye-opening experience. I have so much to learn! This is an older post, but it showcases Lisa’s patience and wisdom, and gives us permission to trust our instincts and our children.

What is Slow-Parenting?

I love the term slow-parenting. It perfectly describes what I strive for with my kids — in my quest for a slower life in general. It’s made every interaction I have with my children more enjoyable and more memorable, and helps keep our relationships strong.

Pregnancy & Birth

Reflecting on My C-Section

Danielle of Momotics has written some awesome posts about her pregnancy, her previous C-sections, and her acceptance of her scheduled C-section. These are the reflections of her birth a few weeks after. Definitely worth a read!

Mayim Bialik: Why women shouldn’t fear home birth

Love this from Mayim, and especially her perspective as a woman who transferred to the hospital from home when things didn’t go as planned during her first birth. She went on to have her second son at home.

Body Image & Feminism

Fla. Doctors Refusing Fat Women OB/GYN Care

There almost are no words to how angry this makes me. I’m just adding this to the many things that are wrong with our current medical system.

Mayim Bialik: Parenting, Judgment, Feminism, & More

I’m all about Mayim this Sunday. The awesome Amy West interviewed the holistic mama extraordinaire, and got some great answers!

Censored Cover Raises Question: Why Are Breasts “Obscene,” But Not Chests?

Fascinating, and thought provoking. Something I don’t think much about, but is worth musing.

Food & Nutrition

Most school garden produce is forbidden fruit in CPS lunchrooms

Ugh, the bureaucracy strikes again! Really, kids make gardens and can’t eat from them? What is the point of doing all that work if you can’t enjoy a tomato off the vine??

Photo Credit: tibchris on Flickr

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1 Gauri May 22, 2011

Great surf! Interesting set.

Can I (humbly) offer up my own reflections on C-section for your perusal :p

Let me know what you think, if you feel like reaching out. Ta,


2 Alicia C. May 22, 2011

I always love your Sunday Surf picks! Thanks for filtering through the Web and handing me some of the best posts/articles each week.


3 Jess May 22, 2011

wonderful articles this Sunday. I am so glad my dear friend Rebekah introduced me to your blog!


4 Esperanza May 27, 2011

Hello there, I’ve been reading your blog for a little while (and love it) but I think this is my first time commenting. I actually have a question about RIE parenting. I’ve been doing some reading about RIE parenting, after reading about it on your blog, and I am curious how you’re supposed to play with children when you’re following their philosophy. If you’re only supposed to observe them play, how do you interact with them? Do you just let them lead the interaction? If so, what does that look like with a one year old? I’ve been trying to just observe my daughter but be present when she looks up at me and respond to her when she smiles at me and such, but I think my husband thinks I’m not interacting with her enough because I’m not actually playing with her and I don’t know how to defend what I’m doing (or if I’m even doing it right). She is too young to ask me to read a story, or even bring me a book. Do I still try to initiate that? She is really too young to initiate any kind of play with me, she just plays independently. I’m not sure how to play with her and still respect her needs while playing. Any advice?




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