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Is this a boy or girl? Does it matter?

Is this a boy or girl? Does it matter?

Breastfeeding & Birth

In France, breast is definitely not best

I was a bit shocked by this story. I lived in Germany for five years (and yes, I know they’re different countries), but Europeans always struck me as leaning more towards traditional, natural options. Makes me hope even more that The Leaky Boob spends some time in Paris, if this is true. They need her!

Judging Birth

Wonderful article about the many ways birth is successful and why the image of a quiet, easy birth doesn’t do justice to the diversity of life out there.

Everly Veda’s Birth Story.

Beautiful, beautiful hospital birth story. Not everyone feels comfortable giving birth at home, so this is wonderful inspiration for how lovely a hospital experience can be.

Body Image

When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?

I find this topic endlessly fascinating. Why are girls doused in pink nowadays, and when did it start? Why are we so afraid of the implications of not having a masculine boy or a feminine girl? I don’t feel like my childhood was that long ago (or maybe it was . . .), but pink definitely wasn’t the standard and I remember tomboyish pursuits being perfectly acceptable, if not celebrated. Lots of food for thought.

Sagging breasts? What’s to blame?

Another wonderful article from PhD in Parenting about how breastfeeding gets a bad rap when it comes to the shape of our breasts.

What is Plus Size Mommy Memoirs?

A brand-new blog that’s started out very promising so far — a look at plus-size pregnancy and motherhood. She’s smart and sharp.


California Mom Speaks Out in Defense of Raw Milk

Ok, I’ll be totally honest. I haven’t bought raw milk yet. Even though every part of me knows it’s irrational, unless I can actually see the farm, talk to the farmers, and see the cows, I’m not ready to drink it. But the implications of going after the raw dairy industry is far-reaching in its effects on small farmers and a different paradigm for feeding our country.

Child Development & Sleep

What your baby can’t tell you

I was going to share Janet’s most recent article, about toddlers and structured classes, but she posted this archive and I was overcome with the wisdom of it. Most articles written from the perspective of babies and toddlers generally focus on their helplessness. This one will surprise you. And while you’re there, look at her latest posts. There is so much good stuff there!

Creating A Respectful Sleep Solution

A few weeks ago I wrote about my correspondence with Imogen of Alternative Mama and her sleep troubles. She’s studied up and made some changes, and chronicling her experience as an AP mother trying to balance her own needs and the needs of her children.

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1 Rebekah April 10, 2011

Wow… The France story is sooo sad. And sadly casts such a poor light on vegans and breastfeeding. Just from the article alone it’s hard to tell what or why, but it seems like an unfortunate accident that will haunt this family forever, and it’s sensationalism will further the anti-boob culture that is there, making it harder for those who want to breastfeed or be vegan and breastfeed.


2 Suchada @ Mama Eve April 10, 2011

I hope the assessment is just sensationalism. There are such widely different views on breastfeeding, depending on who you ask. I hope that like in the U.S., where only a small number breastfeed past six months, there is a healthy culture of pro-breastfeeding women who can support women who want to.


3 Imogen @ Alternative Mama April 10, 2011

Thank you so much for sharing my post :)

The france story is diabolical. Unfortunately I think it’s quite true. Have you read Mummy In Provence’s blog? She is nursing her almost-1yo and comes across a lot of criticism for choosing not to wean.


4 Suchada @ Mama Eve April 10, 2011

Imogen, I haven’t read that blog. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!


5 Sarah Clark April 10, 2011

Thanks for the share-


6 Suchada @ Mama Eve April 10, 2011

You’re welcome! Thank you for the fantastic article recommendations . . . they’re always enlightening!


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