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A baby's first steps

A baby's first steps

Learning and development was on my mind this week because my boys are learning so many new skills. My oldest started singing songs on his own, and pointing out letters and numbers everywhere. My little one is taking his first steps, and it’s fascinating to watch him study his changed perspective — something I missed with my older son because I was pushing him to do more and more.

Watching them has reminded me to step back and enjoy the show. I hope you have a relaxing Sunday and enjoy perusing my favorite articles of the week.

Learning & Development

10 Thoughts on Restoring Childhood

The Grass Stain Guru wrote a lovely list of ways to free childhood and enjoy the fleeting, carefree moments that are pure joy.

Cry and be happy

This is in line with my last post to Imogen of Alternative Mama, who struggles with hearing her children cry (don’t we all!). Crying is supposed to elicit a response in us, but this article reminds us that it doesn’t necessary mean to stop it.

Going Back to the Basics: A Reality Check on Bullying Prevention Tips

My children are still young, but I’ve still kept an eye on bullying. I’ve been surprised at a lot of the advice and wondered how effective it really is. This article breaks it down, and points out what really needs to be done to stop bullying.

Baby Games – How Infants Develop Social Skills (Video Demo!)

It’s hard for me to not be all Janet, all the time. The videos on her site that give pure observations of baby interactions appeal to the scientist in me. It’s so rare to see babies just be babies, without being stopped and told to use their manners or to share.

Why Preschool Shouldn’t Be Like School

It’s been a long time since I’ve read Slate magazine, but this article reminds me why it’s one of my favorite sources for interesting pieces. Fascinating research into why “teaching” doesn’t necessarily help children learn.

Pregnancy, Birth, & Breastfeeding

“What Really Matters Is A Healthy Baby…”

If you’ve ever had someone say this to you, you will appreciate this one from Mama Birth that says why it’s not all that matters.

New breastfeeding photos from the Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition

If you’ve ever tried to find images of women of color breastfeeding, you’ll know what a challenge it is. Blacktating provided this collection that can be used by anyone — and should be!

Easing the Ride on the NICU Roller Coaster

If you haven’t been over to Natural Parents Network (where I’m a contributor and editor), you need to check them out. They have articles from a diverse group of contributors about a variety topics, all with the natural parent in mind. The NICU is a challenging place for any parent, but particularly for natural parents who place a high importance on touch and bonding. This article gives support and advice for those facing a challenging time.

Are VBAC bans legal?

Many hospitals “ban” VBACs, normally due to insurance regulations. But is it really legal to force women to undergo surgery against their wishes? Danielle from Momotics (a thought-provoking blog!) looks into it in this article from Babble.

Alternative Healthcare

It May Be Fake, but Trust Me—It’ll Work

Fascinating article in Slate magazine debating the ethics of physicians making statements like, “the mind and body work together in interesting ways and placebos are known to work sometimes but no one knows why”. Really?

The mind-body connection is an established part of most healing therapies, from yoga to reiki to acupuncture. Part of why they work is because they help patients tap into the healing reserves of their own body. Perhaps is sounds like hocus pocus to those who only practice or believe in allopathic medicine.

When I read stories like this I think the real ethics issue is not telling people their bodies have amazing capabilities of healing, all on their own.

Myths About Non-Vaccinating Parents

I recently found Modern Alternative Mama, and love her perspective. Level-headed and well-thought-out, her list of common misconceptions about parents who choose not to vaccinate is spot-on, and right up my alley.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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