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February 27, 2011 · 1 comment

Covering up is a feminist issue: The video

I loved the original article from PhD in Parenting, and now Annie made it into a video (with some help from her friends). It’s fantastic. Watch it!!

Straight talk on epidurals

A new book recently came out that sings the praises of epidurals. This article from Science & Sensibility dissects some of the more outrageous claims, and offers a counterpoint from the Choices in Childbirth’s“Guide to a Healthy Birth” booklet. This isn’t epidural bashing! Just cautioning women to know the risks as well as the benefits of any medical procedure they undergo.

Parents are taking the fun out of toys

Lenore Skenazy allowed her 9-yr-old son to ride the New York subway by himself to get home from a department store, and has been THE anti-helicopter parent ever since. Love this reminder on why kids just need to play.

Is breastfeeding promotion bad for mothers?

Breastfeeding Medicine published this article, which explores the delicate balance of promoting breastfeeding and its many benefits without alienating or vilifying women who don’t or can’t breastfeed. Fantastic reading for all lactivists!

US Decades behind other countries in parental leave

This was in MSNBC!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. This needs to be recognized and looked into more.

Fear of Fat: Preschool girls and the thin ideal

Pigtail Pals blog has raised the alarm on the disturbing trends in girls’ body image and younger and younger desire to be sexy. She’s had no problem finding new material. It’s scary, and something all parents should be aware of — it’s not just a girl issue, it’s a society issue, for sure.

The Obstetrician, The Midwife, The Nurse & The Doula

Wonderful guide explaining the differences between birth attendants, and all their different roles. A must-share for anyone planning on having babies!

Happy reading!

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1 Jespren March 2, 2011

On the ‘fear of fat’ one, I just bought a 2nd hand 2T dress for my 11 month old. Now, yes, it’s 2nd hand so probably shrunk, and she’s like 97th% for height/weight, but it’s a 2T! And it barely fits her ’round the trunk. All I could think was “what, they trying to give those fashion forward 3 year olds a complex unless they’re model thin?” It’s deplorable.
On ‘is breastfeeding promotion bad for mothers?’: I’ll believe woman get overly pressured to breastfeed when I see a society who has a physiological breastfeeding number. More than 90% of women are more than capable of producing adequit supply to feed a singleton. Even after a c-section. Even after a NICU stay. Even after a rough start. it’s moronic to think we have a ‘breastopo’ and a what, 10% breastfeeding rate at the same time! I want more doctors to be trained to say ‘not working? Ok, well we know it’s not you so let’s figure this out’, but telling a woman “breastfeeding might not be the best choice for you and the baby” or any sych nonsense when a woman volunarily chooses not to breastfeed is medically unsound and I believe ethically reprehensible. It might be a valid parenting choice, just like many things that are less-than-ideal. But we don’t go around making them sound ideal. Like you had an article on rear/forward car seats. So it’s ideal to rear face, but (at least for now) it’s legal for parents to choose forward face over 1 year. But we don’t say ‘oh, well, good try, you did great, it just didn’t work out for you, this is obviously the best choice for your situation’. No, we say, ‘your child would be safer in a rear facing seat, but it is your choice as parent to choose the less safe option and accept the greater risk on behalf of your child’. It’s obsurd that we worry about making someone feel ‘guilty’ over choosing a known to be less healthy option. For that tiny minority of moms that really can’t physically breastfeed, you don’t feel guilty once you’ve explored all options and KNOW you are doing your best and it’s just not working. Sad, sure, but their is no guilt without choice. What I mean is guilt is ‘what if’, but if you explored everything and just CAN’T then there isn’t a ‘what if I tried harder’ ‘what if I had more support’ ‘what if id stuck it out through the pain’ etc. Tact aside, women who feel guilty for not breastfeeding are those that know they SHOULD be and yet DON’T.


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