Lauding the values of imperfection in parents and other parenting linky love

September 7, 2012 · 4 comments

Kids need imperfect parents. Great news for all of us. (Not Just Cute)

No really, your doctor won’t tell you to feed these to your baby, but they should. (Holistic Kid)

Easy gummy treats! (Mommypotamus)

Jackie O was a Montessori student (Maria Montessori)

Now I know what to do with the giant bag of jalepenos I got from my CSA. (Nourished Kitchen)

Even a “messy” birthday party looks exhausting. Isn’t there an easier way? (Parents)

YES! Natural fats are good for you! (Thank Your Body)

GAPS diet legal pizza crust. You’re welcome ;-) (My Gutsy)

Common sense advice on establishing good sleeping habits with your infant. (Magda Gerber)

Amazing essay on trust (Nurshable)

Fantastic list of books for little ones — will definitely purchase a couple of these we don’t already have! (Little Hearts Books)

Learn how to mix your own henna. Only downside is no advice on how to draw gorgeous tattoos ;-) (Kitchen Witch)

Apparently, some people think Rachel Carson killed more people than Hitler. WTH?? (Slate)

Butter, brie, and gorgonzola. Melted. Need I say more? (Primal Kitchen)

Homemade pineapple-infused facial lotion (Modern Alternative Mama)

More evidence of the importance of empathy. (The Daily Good)

Solid advice on dealing with bullies and how not to create victims. (Aunt Annie’s Childcare)

If a cookie has a vegetable in it, it’s still a cookie. (It’s Not About Nutrition)

Lady(bug) man. (Teacher Tom)

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1 Sarah September 7, 2012

awesome links. I’m about to make my way through them now. Imperfection has actually been on my mind a lot lately as my five year old has been very heavy on the “I WANT TO BE PERFECT!” thing. I actually wrote another letter in this category in addition to the one you linked to above. (thanks for the link, by the way.)

I feel that it is very important for kids to see our imperfections. :) Glad to see someone else has this on the mind as well.


2 Suchada @ Mama Eve September 7, 2012

Love it, Sarah! Thanks for sharing that link :)


3 Amanda @NotJustCute September 7, 2012

Thank you so much for including my post among all these interesting links!


4 Suchada @ Mama Eve September 7, 2012

You’re so welcome! I loved your post — it really touched me when I was having a rough day <3


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