Natural Childbirth

A new baby, a new year: my home birth story

January 11, 2013

I wanted to write again for a while, but I just didn’t know what to say. Motherhood the third time around has been so different: calm, serene, peaceful . . . even . . . easy? Even my birth story . . . I’m not even sure how to write about it because it seems […]

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Is home birth safe?

June 26, 2012
a newborn after home birth

Yesterday Michelle Goldberg published a piece for Newsweek on home birth that appeared in The Daily Beast. She interviewed me as part of her research for it, and it talks about the darker side of home birth, which I have recently been exposed to. It’s spawned even more home birth discussion, like this article in Jezebel, […]

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Home birth advocacy in the face of death

April 2, 2012
tragic death and home birth

In the recent months*, I’ve heard of three midwife-attended, home birth deaths of newborns involving people I know. As you can imagine, it is heartbreaking. I’ve cried and cried for the mothers and the children and the midwives. I asked God how He could allow this to happen to people I know and love. And […]

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Mama Birth guest post: Orgasmic Birth? Uh, no. Giving Birth Hurts!

March 19, 2012
Orgasmic birth?

I’m so excited to finally publish this guest post from Sarah of Mama Birth, one of the funniest and sharpest blogs out there. Here’s her perspective on orgasmic birth and labor pain. A while back a friend called me after her second un-medicated birth. “It hurt!” she said. My smarty pants response, “Yeah, that’s why […]

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A home birth & a new life

March 28, 2011
Welcome Baby Girl!

Today I have to write a tribute to my friend, who gave birth to her daughter yesterday at home. Her first child was born at the hospital, and while it was an unmedicated birth, there wasn’t much natural about it. It was a difficult experience that had long-term ramifications with breastfeeding and her well-being. You […]

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Birth without fear doesn’t mean you can’t be scared

March 20, 2011
the intensity of natural birth

Birth without fear sounds pretty ballsy. For many women (actually, most women), the idea of laboring in blissful calm without pain is something only superhumans (or at least only supermodels) do. I remember being in labor the first time (after confidently assuring everyone that I was completely prepared for the pain and intensity of an out-of-hospital […]

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What should we expect from birth?

March 2, 2011
Expectations for a beautiful birth

There’s a recurrent theme I keep reading in posts and blogs about birth that the mother’s birth experience didn’t go the way she’d planned it. Do you think it’s realistic to have expectations about a birth experience, considering so much can happen that’s out of our control? This question was posted on my facebook wall […]

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Our Strength is Tenacity, not Perfection

February 24, 2011

Last year I began a blog post about natural childbirth with a well-known quote from Laura Stavroe Harm: “There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” I found out later from an article in Pathways to Family Wellness magazine that women who experienced traumatic births […]

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My Scar Does Not Define Me, Part 2

February 21, 2011

Anastasia’s story, continued from Part 1. Fifteen months after surgery I found myself pregnant again. Being in this situation was surprising. I had always wanted to have three children, but since the cesarean, I was considering not having any more of my own. I never wanted to go through it again, but there I was. […]

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My Scar Does Not Define Me, Part 1

February 21, 2011

Anastasia and I met in our Bradley Class, and planned to give birth at the same birthing center. I’m so honored that she shared her story with me, and allowed me to share it with you. When Suchada asked me to write about my experience with an emergency cesarean, I found myself lost in a […]

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