March 2011

Natural Parenting without fear

March 31, 2011
Are your natural parenting decisions motivated by fear or love?

What motivates your decision-making? Stop, and think for a minute. As parents we make thousands (probably millions!) of decisions for our children every day, starting from before they are born. What will I eat when I’m pregnant? Where will I give birth? How will I feed my child? Will I vaccinate? Will I circumcise? Where […]

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A home birth & a new life

March 28, 2011
Welcome Baby Girl!

Today I have to write a tribute to my friend, who gave birth to her daughter yesterday at home. Her first child was born at the hospital, and while it was an unmedicated birth, there wasn’t much natural about it. It was a difficult experience that had long-term ramifications with breastfeeding and her well-being. You […]

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Sunday Surf, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011
Access to nutritious food is important

Food Safety/Nutrition The rainbow of food dyes in our grocery aisles has a dark side Disturbing article in a mainstream newspaper about the dangers of artificial dyes — something many of us already are aware of but little has been done about in the government. Let’s hope this marks an advent of change. The Future […]

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Do babies remember being born?

March 24, 2011
Do babies remember being born?

I recently designed a website for a psychic medium. As I went through his content, I noticed a comment about his memories of being in the womb. I asked him about it in a phone conversation, and he told me the story of going to a new restaurant with friends as a teenager, having a […]

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Birth without fear doesn’t mean you can’t be scared

March 20, 2011
the intensity of natural birth

Birth without fear sounds pretty ballsy. For many women (actually, most women), the idea of laboring in blissful calm without pain is something only superhumans (or at least only supermodels) do. I remember being in labor the first time (after confidently assuring everyone that I was completely prepared for the pain and intensity of an out-of-hospital […]

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Sunday Surf, March 20th

March 20, 2011
A baby's first steps

Learning and development was on my mind this week because my boys are learning so many new skills. My oldest started singing songs on his own, and pointing out letters and numbers everywhere. My little one is taking his first steps, and it’s fascinating to watch him study his changed perspective — something I missed […]

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Sleep, crying, and balancing closeness with boundaries

March 16, 2011
a rested baby makes a happy family

Imogen at Alternative Mama and I have been talking about sleep. She has two little ones and is seriously sleep deprived, but is having a hard time finding a solution. She’s not comfortable with CIO, and isn’t able to co-sleep for medical reasons. She asked for more details about how I managed to get more […]

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What do you do when other parents force their kids to share?

March 14, 2011
A tricycle is prized and hard to share

Last week I took my sons to the playground, and when we arrived, another boy was there with his tricycle. My oldest son went towards it like a laser, his attention diverted from everything else. The other boy, naturally, ran back towards his toy, and vehemently said, “NO THAT’S MINE!!” I stopped my son, told him […]

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Sunday Surf 3/13

March 12, 2011

The Most Effective Tool you’ve Never Used to Tame your Temper This touching post from Authentic Parenting is a wonderful reminder about how our relationships with our children are, well, relationships — with all the give and take that comes with them. We work so hard to be perfect mothers, but there’s not a single […]

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Does disease eradication = health?

March 9, 2011
Thumbnail image for Does disease eradication = health?

It’s hard to argue that vaccinations don’t prevent disease (although some people do, there is a lot of evidence that instances of disease have been dramatically reduced since vaccines were introduced), and that’s the cornerstone of the the medical industry’s pro-vaccination stance. Disease = bad, no disease = good. But is the absence of disease […]

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